East Dubuque, IL

     St. Mary's School is a Catholic Elementary School serving Preschool through Grade 8 

Our History/ St. Mary School Profile

St. Mary School, first established in 1924, is a small Catholic school located in East Dubuque, Illinois. A part of rural Jo Daviess County, it rests on the banks of the Mississippi River. East Dubuque borders Wisconsin to the immediate north and Iowa to the immediate west. A small town, with a population of only 1,985, East Dubuque enjoys the rich heritage of a once booming river town. A farming community lies outside the city limits, but the majority of residents work across the river in Iowa, where larger businesses and industries are located. The town is very community minded; staffing the Volunteer Fire Department, the Gramercy Park Association and other such civic organizations.   St. Mary School?s enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year is 61 students in grade Preschool through grade eight. Our school population is made up of mostly middle-class families. This school has  30 boys and 31 Girls. Students participate in a very balanced curriculum, including Computer class, art class, music and physical education. We also have 13 homeschool students that attend St. Mary's every Thursday. The middle level has begun a health and fitness course this year, and the entire school participates in weekly all-school Mass and monthly prayer services. 

The school maintains a Home and School Association and a Booster Club, each meeting on a monthly basis. These organizations offer the students a variety of extra-curricular activities, as well as funding any field-trips or other needs the school might have. The students are able to participate in sports should they so choose, with volleyball, football, and basketball available to them, though football is on conjunction with the public school due to numbers. 

The full-time staff of St. Mary School consists of a principal, secretary and five classroom teachers. We also have a part-time pre-school aide, music teacher, a part-time janitor and  part-time maintenance. The 3rd and 4th Grade teacher takes the students weekly for computer as well as the 7th and 8th Grade teacher teaches all . We have a group of very dedicated volunteers who willingly fill in for hot lunch, in the library and anywhere else they are needed.

St. Mary Affiliations

St. Mary School is affiliated with the St. Mary Parish of East Dubuque and part of the Diocese of Rockford.

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